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Indian tribe found in Brazil's Amazon

An Indian tribe that has had no formal contact with Western civilization has been located in a remote Amazon region. The Metyktire tribe, with about 87 members, was found in an area that is difficult to reach because of thick jungle and a lack of nearby rivers some 2,000 kilometers northwest of Rio de Janeiro, said Mario Moura, a spokesman for the Federal Indian Bureau, or FUNAI.

The tribe is a subgroup of the Kayapo tribe, and lives on its 4.9-million-hectare Menkregnoti Indian reservation. The Kayapo had no significant contact with the Metyktire until two tribe members inexplicably appeared at a Kayapo village last week, Moura said.

Patrick Cunningham of the London-based Indigenous People's Cultural Support Trust, which is involved in an unrelated expedition in the region, said in an e-mail that the tribe speaks an archaic version of the Kayapo language and goes naked. Megaron Txcucarramae, a Kayapo Indian and FUNAI representative in the region, met with the newly found group in a village and banned all but a medical team from entering, fearing the tribe could be more vulnerable to diseases than the Kayapo.

About 700,000 Indians live in Brazil, mostly in the Amazon region. Some 400,000 live on reservations where they try to maintain their traditional culture, language and lifestyle. They were pushed deeper into the jungle by settlers. Moura said anthropologists no longer attempt to contact those groups, but instead demarcate the land and wait for them to make contact.

55) The Indian tribe that was found in Brazil

a) was living in an accessible Amazon region.

b) had had no previous contact with Western culture.

c) belonged to the Federal Indian Bureau.

d) was located in a place near Rio de Janeiro.

e) n.d.a.

56) The area where the tribe was found is hard to reach because

a) it is some 2,000 kilometers northwest of Rio de Janeiro.

b) it lies in a remote Amazon region, surrounded by rivers.

c) the jungle is thick there and there are no rivers close to it.

d) the spokesman for FUNAI had never heard of it before.

e) n.d.a.

57) The appearance of two Metyktire members at a Kayapo village was

a) understandable.

b) unexpected.

c) predictable.

d) anticipated.

e) n.d.a.

58) According to Patrick Cunningham, the Metyktire’s language is

a) completely different from the Kayapo’s.

b) an ancient version of the Kayapo language.

c) very similar to all Indian languages.

d) impossible to be understood by anyone.

e) n.d.a.

59) FUNAI representative in the region prohibited most people from entering the village because he was afraid the tribe could

a) ban all the medical team that decided to go there.

b) become extremely aggressive to all strangers.

c) attack anyone that tried to make contact with them.

d) be more susceptible to illnesses than the Kayapo.

e) n.d.a.

60) The word They in: “They were pushed deeper…” (paragraph 4) refers to

a) Indians.

b) reservations.

c) anthropologists.

d) settlers.

e) n.d.a.

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